We envision a world where you can focus on your dreams. Let us take care of your finances.

Our Approach

We know that it takes a lot to be self-employed and be fully responsible for your own future. With all the trouble on your mind to build your business, it seems like having a second job when you need to deal with the Italian bureaucracy.

That's why we created Beesy - an easy way to manage your finances in one place. With banking, invoicing and digital accounting in a single tool, we aim to reduce the unnecessary complexity of running a business in today's world.

With Beesy, we'd like you to be able to feel at ease when it comes to your finances so that you can focus your energy on what really matters.


Investors and Partners

Founded in 2018, Beesy is the first company developed by finleap in Italy with strong partners like Fabrick and Banca Sella.

Finleap is Europe’s No. 1 Fintech ecosystem, founded in Berlin in 2014 and is building the biggest Fintech Hub in Europe with over 600 people and already 16 Fintech ventures launched.

Banca Sella is our first banking partner and with over 1 million clients and its innovation vision is leading the fintech ecosystem in Italy.

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